09. October 2017
God is our fortress and He is the only strength we need. He is with us always and He is strong, so we too are strong. As troubles and trials come our way, we can find peace in quiet stillness knowing that God is our stronghold.
01. October 2017
We should give “in spite of”, because God’s grace is an unmerited favor to us. Our giving should be as such to others, unmerited.

24. September 2017
Jacob worked seven years in return for Rachel, but the years seemed like only a few days to him because he loved her. – Genesis 29:20. What I love about this scripture is that it provides direction specifically on how we are to be patient. Jacob was patient because there was something (or rather someone) that he loved greater than the tasks and timing that it took to obtain what he wanted. The lesson - Patience is easy if you can identity the love within it.
19. September 2017
Sometimes when it comes to our temples (body and spirit), we just need some food and a nap to make us strong again. What happened with Elijah in the Bible (minus the running for our lives part!) is the same thing that happens to us in our daily lives. We are so busy “doing” and trying to keep things together that we forget that healing for our “temple” can sometimes be as basic as food and rest. But God knows and provides what we need without us even asking for it.

13. September 2017
As someone with a desk job, one of the things I appreciate from my Fitbit are the periodic "reminders" to move after being stationary for a long period of time. Wouldn't it be great if we had the same type of prompts whenever we become stationary in our spiritual lives? The good news is that the Bible has given instruction after instruction on what we can and should do as believers. Just as the Fitbit prompts with a gentle buzz, so too is the Holy Spirit gently prompting us to move.
08. September 2017
My family recently experienced a devastating and unexpected loss of a 15 year old young man. What I found most uplifting through the entire ordeal was that time and time again the individuals in our family in the midst of such pain, found something to be thankful about. I have never been so proud to be a part of such a wonderful example of family faith in action.