Be Still! Be Strong!

In preschool, one of the things the teachers are working on in my daughter’s class is the concept of listening and then reacting in an expected way.  Specifically, when the teacher needs to get the attention of the kids, she calls out “Be Still” and they all freeze in place and repeat, “Be Still”.  And then she says,  “Be Strong””.  The kids then make muscles with their arms and repeat, “Be Strong!”.  This small interaction allows the teacher to gain control of the class and refocus each and every child away from whatever they are doing and back to her.  She is the authority in the class and in answering her call, the children are respecting that authority.   They really have fun squeezing their little muscles and squishing up their faces to show just how “strong” they can be.  What I love about the exercise is the fact that the request to “be still” is followed up by the request to “be strong”.  That is such a key biblical concept!  There is strength required in being still.   Psalms 46:10-11 reads:

… 10“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” 11 The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.

Oftentimes, when this scripture is quoted, only verse 10 is mentioned.   But the following verse is equally important. It says that God will be our fortress.  The definition of a fortress is a heavily protected and impenetrable building or a person or thing not susceptible to outside influence or disturbance.   God is our fortress and He is the only strength we need.  He is with us always and He is strong, so we too are strong.  As troubles and trials come our way, we can find peace in quiet stillness knowing that God is our stronghold.


So Temple Warriors, when you are wondering what to do after being still, the answer is simple – BE STRONG. 


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C.D. Temple is a preacher's kid and as such describes much of her Bible learning as "by default" of her environment, her upbringing and her everlasting love of God.  She is God's child,  wife, mother, writer, and worship leader at her church.   Her debut novel, Addicted to G.I.V.I.N.G the first in a 3 part series called Addicted to God is currently available on

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