But It’s “MINE!” … Giving “in spite of”

I have a toddler who is very opinionated about things that are “hers”.   Like most toddlers, pretty quickly after learning “mommy” daddy” and  “no” one of the next words she became intimately familiar with was “MINE”.   When a sibling or relative, or friend comes along and “helps” themselves to a toy or food, her natural inclination is to take it back saying in no uncertain terms – “MINE!”   As she is maturing however, she is being taught to share and the most amazing thing is happening.    Instead of “MINE”, she has begun to offer her food and her toys to others proactively. She is showing maturity in lessening her hold on things she deems as her own and freely giving to others.  Of course, this does not happen consistently as there are some toys, some food, or some things that she just doesn’t want to share.  When this happens, we sometimes gently encourage her to "share anyway".   It is the same with us as adults as God gently nudges us through the prompting of the Holy Spirit to “share anyway”.  

Giving, especially giving of things that have been taken from us  may be difficult.  But as we mature in Christ, giving “in spite of” becomes more and more natural; and that embodies grace.  Sometimes when giving is needed, it requires moving beyond our sense of right and wrong and giving “in spite” of how we feel.  You may not always want to share what you have with others, but you must do it anyway.  You certainly may not want to give to someone who takes from you.  It may be quite the test of maturity to limit yourself from seeking and demanding that it should be given back.  In this instance, displaying grace in giving “in spite of” gets to the heart of the level of continuous generosity we must exhibit. Grace is unmerited favor that God has given us “in spite” of the fact that we have done nothing to deserve it.  

So Temple Warriors -  The lesson is that we should give “in spite of”, because God’s grace is an unmerited favor to us.  Our giving should be as such to others, unmerited.


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C.D. Temple is a preacher's kid and as such describes much of her Bible learning as "by default" of her environment, her upbringing and her everlasting love of God.  She is God's child,  wife, mother, writer, and worship leader at her church.   Her debut novel, Addicted to G.I.V.I.N.G the first in a 3 part series called Addicted to God is currently available on Amazon.com

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